[Oppdatering/Update]: Changes regarding organized practice.

Postet av Badminton den 12. Sep 2020

[Update about the season. Includes information about organized practice]

Hi! We want to inform you that there will be some changes regarding organized practices forward.


We will soon begin with organized practices (with coaches) on Mondays at Domus Athletica. We may divide the hall in 3 sections based on levels (beginners, intermediate, experienced), where it will be held a 1 hours practice during our training session.

Check out the polls for Monday practices for alternatives that represent the training group you would participate in regarding level. We will adjust the size of each groups if necessary.

As our intermediates did not receive any organized practice with coaches last semester, due to the corona situation, we would like to prioritize them this semester.

We are therefore planning to have a short period (around 4 weeks) where intermediates and beginners are the ones who will have organized practice. After the short practice, we will then have organized practice for experienced and intermediates + beginners.


You need to have SiO Athletica membership to be able to attend our practices.

You are welcome to try and play a couple of times before applying to become an member of the club. You can apply to become a member on our website (see green button): https://badminton.osi.no/ . This is a seperate fee from the SiO Athletica membership.

Make sure to have registered on the contact info form, so it is easier for us to reach out to people if it happens to be an outbreak during one of our practices. Link to form: https://forms.gle/9G4BsDx2mCJ8MrAC7

Please bring your own equipment (racket, shuttles), as well as a towel. The latter is required from SiO to enter their centers.

Try to be at least 1 meter away from each other and avoid physical contact.

Wash hands before and after practice and avoid touching your face.

Stay home if you feel sick or if you are ill.

If you set up any equipment during practice, please put it back (if applicable). This is to reduce the amount of unecessary contact of equipment that others have been in contact with.


We have noticed that during registration for attending a practice, that there are some who register even though the maximum amount of players for the training groups is reached.

First and foremost are we creating a limit for player attendance due to infection control. The limit is set to prevent close contact with others, as well as to prevent big outbreaks (if there will be one). Secondly, a limit is set to create a space where players can excercise effectively as well as having time for short rests while rotating.

If this trend continue, we may change to a different system for attending a practice, that will be more burdensome for both us from the board and our members. And update will be out if we are going to change the system.

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[Oppdatering/Update]: Organized practice can now be held!

Postet av Badminton den 17. Aug 2020

We have now received (per. 17th of August) a message that organized practices can be held at the training facilities at SiO. See "Organisering av trening/How practices are organized" -subsection in "OM OSS" -section for more information.

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[Oppdatering/Update]: New training hours for this season

Postet av Badminton den 14. Aug 2020

**Practices are still postponed for now. Just an update regarding our training hours for this season**

Hi! Just wanted to update you that after having some conversation with OSI Central, we have received different training hours for this upcoming season. Please note that we now have Domus on Mondays for a longer period, compared to two separate sessions (as presented in an earlier post). Our training hours are:

Mondays (Domus): 16:30-19:00
Fridays (Blindern): 19:00-20:45
Sundays (OsloMet): 14:00-16:00

We will give you an update regarding courses and open training later when details are set, as we just received our training hours for this season :)

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[Varsel/Alert]: Practices postponed from 10th of August until further notice.

Postet av Badminton den 10. Aug 2020

Hi! We just recieved a message from OSI Central that all practices are postponed for now. This is due to SiO needing more time to look at guidelines for organizing activities in their training facilites. Also, there are still talks regarding training hours between the administration and OSI clubs, resulting in practices being postponed for now. 

 We will update you as soon as we recieve more information :)

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[Oppdatering/Update]: Welcome to a new season with OSI Badminton!

Postet av Badminton den 9. Aug 2020

Hi! Welcome back to a new season with OSI Badminton. Our summer practices are over for now and we will present some information about this upcoming season.


 We recently received our training hours for the season (autumn 2020/spring 2021):

 -**Monday (Domus Athletica): 14:30 - 16:30

 -Tuesday (Domus Athletica): 14:30 - 16:00

 -Friday (Blindern Athletica): 17:00 - 20:45

 -Sunday (OsloMet): 14:00 - 16:00

 **Monday not fully confirmed.

 We know that these training hours may cause frustration for some as our beloved multipurpose hall on Domus is only available during a time that does not fit most schedules, as well as having Blindern on Fridays being the training hours that fit most, but on a limited capacity compared to last season's Friday practices.

 We are in talks with OSI Central (higher administrative organ) regarding capacity and available traning hours so we can offer a better experience for all our members on all levels (beginner, intermediate and experienced). This includes beginner and intermediate courses, as well as offering dedicated playtime for our team series players. 

 The status after having a conversation with OSI Central, is that we can receive playing time at Domus on Mondays (as presented above) (not fully confirmed, we will edit this post once we got a green light). 

 We believe these training hours will not fully satisfy our needs to offer the best experience for all of our members. We are therefore exploring our options, including reaching out to other OSI groups for possible exchange of training hours and possible training facilities. 


 We have not yet fully planned how we are going to organize our traning hours regarding organized practice (including courses), as we recently recieved our traning hours.

 Until further updates, our practices for this season will be organized similar to our summer practices. You will need to register on our Facebook-polls to be able to attend (to track who attends as a part of our infection control).


 On behalf of the board, we hope you had a great summer and we are excited to greet both old and new members to our club :)

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