[Oppdatering/Update]: SiO Athletica has reopened for organized practices.

Postet av Badminton den 22. Jun 2020

 Just want to give you an update for how our dedicated practice hours are going to be this summer.


 OSI Central has received multiple request regarding organizing practice during this summer. For now, they have informed us that they will only open the multipurpose hall at Domus, as well as it is limited for when organized practice can be held.

 Our practice hours during the summer are:

 -Wednesdays: 16:20 - 17:25

 -Fridays: 17:30 - 19:45

 All practice will be held at Domus Athletica.


 With guidelines presented from SiO and Norges Badminton Forbund (NBF), there will be some restrictions for how our practices are organized.

 We are limiting to only 18 players that can attend each practice. This is based on the recommendations with only one player on each half court (exception: two people from the same household can stay at the same halfcourt). With 9 available courts, we are limitng it to 18 players.


 Each week, we will post a poll on our Facebook group (see first page for link) before each session (at least a day in advance). To join a session, you will need to mark the given alternatives. This is to have an overview of who are coming to practice the given day. 

 With the limitations regarding the amount of players, we will have a "first come, first serve" -system. This means that the first 18 persons to mark that they are attending, will be the only players to able to come to practice. 

 Those attending the practice, does not need to book through SiO. When entering the training center, you enter normally (go through the gates, as we were informed). Let the staff know you are attending an organized practice if they ask.

 You will need to bring your own equipment (racket, shuttles) as we will not rent out any.

 Bring a towel. This is required from SiO to enter their centers.  


 Make sure you have paid our membership fees for spring 2020 to attend.

 If you want to join our traning practices as a guest (only practice during summer), you must do the following:

 Make sure you have SiO Athletica membership, so you can access the traning center at Domus Athletica (or made sure that you can enter the SiO Athletica centers by other methods).

 Pay 150 kr with Vipps to OSI Badminton. Make sure to include "3990" in the comment when paying.

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