How our practices are organized:

This post contain some information about how we are going to organize our practices and will be updated accordingly.

*Please join our Facebook-group to be able to attend a practice, as we are posting our polls there. Click on the blue button ("Click here to join our Facebook-group!") on the home page to be directed to our Facebook-group.


Mondays (Domus): 16:30-19:00
Fridays (Blindern): 19:00-20:45
Sundays (OsloMet): 14:00-16:00


With guidelines presented from SiO and Norges Badminton Forbund (NBF), there will be some restrictions for how our practices are organized.

We will try to divide each practice into training groups. A training group consist of a maximum of 20 people. We can have multiple training groups during practice hours based on the size of the training facility.

If there are more than 1 training group at practice, please try to stay and play with people in your training group when possible.

We will also divide the training hours into sessions (if suitable). This is to make an environment where people can practice effectively, as well as creating space for others to join.

If there are more than 1 sessions presented, please try to only choose 1 to make space for others who are going to exersice later. If there are any available slots for the later sessions, you are welcome to join that too.

DOMUS (Mondays 16:30-19:00):

One session with two training groups.

BLINDERN (Fridays 19:00-20:45):

One session with two smaller training groups.

OSLOMET (Sundays 14:00-16:00):

*Need to check weekly as we do not have a system for nets at the training facility.

One session with two smaller training groups.


! Please mark the given alternative an hour before the session start, as SiO  request a list of those who are attending.  The list includes the names from this poll and is sent to them before the session starts. The names provided on the list are the only one who can enter.

* If you can't join the practice, please update the poll accordingly.

! You will need to fill out a form that includes your name and cellphone number to be able to attend our practice as a part of infection control. This is to have an overview of people who are attending our practices, as well as to make it easier to reach out to people if it happens to be an outbreak during one of our practices. 

Each week, we will post a poll on this group before each session (at least a day in advance). To join a session, you will need to mark the given alternatives. This is to have an overview of who are coming to practice the given day.

With the limitations regarding the amount of players, we will have a "first come, first serve" -system. This means that the first X players to mark that they are attending (for the given training group), will be the only players to able to come to practice.

Make sure that you have a SiO Athletica membership. SiO needs to register who are attending a practice as well as a part their infection control.

Those attending the practice, does not need to book through SiO. When entering the training center, you enter normally. Let the staff know you are attending an organized practice if they ask.

Please bring your own equipment (racket, shuttles).

Bring a towel. This is required from SiO to enter their centers. 

Try to be at least 1 meter away from each other and avoid physical contact.

Wash hands before and after practice and avoid touching your face. 

Stay home if you feel sick or if you are ill. 

If you set up any equipment during practice, please put it back (if applicable). This is to reduce the amount of unecessary contact of equipment that others have been in contact with.