About us

OSI Badminton is a sub-group of OSI (Oslo Student Sports Club), one of Norways largest sport organisations for students. OSI goal is to offer something for everyone and get students in activity - regardless of physical condition and skills.

The club is run by and for students, and can offer activities in a sporty and social student environment.

OSI Badminton offers badminton at all levels. We offer courses for beginners, intermediates and experienced throughout the semester. We also have a team in the 1st division, a team in the 2nd division and two teams in the men's division. We do also want to enable participation in tournaments for our members and try to create excitement for as many people as possible.

Arctic Open 2020


If you are interested in our club, then you should become a member of our Facebook group. This is because it is our most used platform when it comes to communicating with our members. Just click on the link; https://www.facebook.com/group... or type "OSI Badminton" in the search field on Facebook and ask to join.

Monday: Multipurpose hall at Domus Athletica (Address: Trimveien 4, 0372 Oslo)

Friday: The sports building at Blindern Athletica (Address: Problemveien 13, 0313 Oslo)

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